The Young Professionals, or YP, is a group created to engage working professionals between the ages of 21 – 40 and introduce them to the area’s business community and help them expand their networking opportunities.

Whether your goal is to develop your professional network, increase your social circle, better connect to civic and philanthropic activities in the community or just have fun, they have several goals in store for Young Professionals in the Sault area.

The YP seeks to address the three main priorities young professionals have identified as most important to them when choosing a place to live and work:

  • Social and recreational opportunities
  • Personal and professional development
  • Connection and engagement with the community


So how are the Young Professionals organized? The YP follow a Constitution and By Laws that serve as a foundation for structuring the organization. This Constitution was created by and for members of the YP and allows for a formal, yet simple structureso that the organization may effectively operate with transparency and guiding principles.

The YP Leadership consists of a President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary (non-voting), and Committee Chairs which comprise a 5 person Board of Directors.

The 2016 Board of Directors includes:

  • Joshua MacDonald, President
  • Vacant, President Elect
  • Kristina Denison, Treasurer
  • Lindsay Ellis, Chair
  • Lindsay Maynard, Chair
  • Mindy Durham, Secretary


The Young Professionals currently has 3 active committees that individuals may join:

Volunteer and Service
Fundraising and Finance
Social and Events

If you are interested in learning more about any or all of these committees, please contact the respective chair of each committee:

Volunteer and Service Committee

Lindsay Ellis

Fundraising and Finance Committee

Kristina Denison

Social and Events Committee

Lindsay Maynard, Lake Superior State University