Sponsorship Packages

Would you like to or do you already support events put on by the Chamber of Commerce?

If so, the Chamber has come up with a Sponsorship Package to make it easy for you as the sponsor! The package allows you to pay one time and receive sponsorship recognition for all events at the level you have chosen for the entire year.

Prior to each event, sponsors will receive a letter reminding them of their sponsorship and giving details for what the sponsorship includes.

This means you as the sponsor:

  • Have a one time payment
  • Fill out one sponsorship form
  • Receive letters prior to each event with sponsorship details
  • Give your logo one time
  • Have a YEAR worth of events sponsored by your business!

Want to learn more?

INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR EVERY EVENT. Should you decide to continue to sponsor but feel the package is not right for your business, individual sponsorships are still available for each event and will be released prior to the events.

Contact the Chamber at 906-632-3301 with any questions and complete your sponsorship now for the entire year!