Support Local Businesses

Chamber Bucks Program

How it works:
  • Buy Chamber Bucks from the Sault Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Use them yourself, or give them as birthday, wedding, anniversary, or Christmas gifts! Chamber Bucks also are great employee incentives/ holiday bonuses.
  • Chamber Bucks are accepted at over 80 businesses in and around Sault, MI!
  • Chamber Bucks are treated just like regular cash. If you don’t spend it all, you get your change in regular cash currency.


Q: Can anyone purchase Chamber Buck$ Cash?

A: Yes, anyone can purchase Chamber Buck$ Cash for themselves or as a gift for a friend. Businesses can give Chamber Buck$ Cash to their employees, there are no restrictions on the purchase.

Q: How do I purchase Chamber Buck$ Cash?

A: Chamber Buck$ Cash can be purchased from the Sault Area Chamber of Commerce or call (906) 632-3301. They come in denominations of $5, $10 and $20.

Q: How does Chamber Buck$ Cash help the community?

A: You can spend Chamber Buck$ Cash at Chamber member businesses. When you purchase Chamber Buck$ Cash you are keeping dollars in our community. Thereby, helping with the economic success of our region.

Q: How do I know if a business accepts Chamber Bucks?

All businesses that accept Chamber Bucks should either have a “Chamber Bucks Accepted Here” sticker near their window or cash register. The business should also be listed on the Chamber Bucks Brochure which can be found here.

Join the program as a participating Chamber Member

Contact the Chamber of Commerce to be added to the list of participating businesses.

  • Receive instructions and educate your employees of the program.
  • Bring Chamber Bucks Cash back to the Chamber of Commerce for reimbursement.
  • Enjoy local spending in your business as customers use their Chamber Bucks Cash.
  • Not a member? Join the Chamber of Commerce and be a part of this exclusive Chamber Member benefit!
  • In order for your business to accept Chamber Bucks you must be a Sault Area Chamber of Commerce Member in good standing

Money is spent locally helping boost the local economy and participating Chamber Member Businesses!